We're SaiLteL.

Sailtel is an independent brand of Beijing Century Real Technology Co.,Ltd (stock code: 300150) in the optical communication industry.

With a business area of up to 10000 square meters, there are three major production bases are located in Tianjin, Zhuzhou, and Shenzhen to provide better services and coverage to our customers in different areas. India office was set up in 2018 as the overseas business arm for expanding overseas market.

Of our total workforce, our R&D team makes up the majority at 45% with 34% being our service and maintenance teams. We are of the firm belief that such a team is our basis for providing our customers with products and services of superior quality.

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  • An Optical Communication Products Manufacturer

    We have a production workshop which is Equipped with a large number of advanced devices for volume productions and enforce strict and high standards from raw material components procurement, production, assembling, and test to make sure that customers can get quality and satisfying products.

  • An Optical Communication Products Seller 

    Our products include a wide range of fiber optic transceivers, DAC&AOC cables, network adapters, fiber media converters, Ethernet switches, industrial switches etc, which will meet all your demands in communication solutions. If you are interested in the price and get a quote, please kindly send an inquiry or consult our sales team at support@sailtel.com.

  • An Optical Communication Solutions Tech Provider

    Nothing can be better than having a reliable service&tech provider. Apart from products, we also offer customers with pre-sales and post-sales technical service and support based on our professional tech&support team. We devote effort to serving our customers with the best service and support. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

What We Serve

Data Center / Internet Service Provider / Networking / Enterprise / Optical Communication / Telecommunication

Stay Professional

Sailtel takes the customer’s demand into major consideration and fully has an understanding of customer's project background, budget and traffic requirements. With a stable production chain, advanced equipment, and skilled workers, we have a heavy inventory to meet customers large-volume product purchases. As for quality assurance, each product needs to be tested, such as performance, functional, and quality of service testing, optical compliance, characterization, and validation testing and OEM interoperability and compatibility testing. In addition, Sailtel has obtained various certificates and patents for authority and professionalism.

Stay Reliable

Sailtel formulates strict product and process standards, selects high-quality raw materials, and cooperates with reliable and reputable suppliers to ensure brand compatibility. Our team offers highly experienced technical support including product inquiry and technical advice and is devoted to making sure our customers have a worry-free experience. As a result, We have proudly provided quality products and services for Jio, BSNL, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom and have been recognized by business partners and customers in the industry.

Stay Leading

Sailtel is focusing on the innovation of product technology and service capability to reach the goal of staying leading in the field of communication industry. In terms of products, we have adopted the cutting-edge technology in the industry. Each product must be passed relevant authoritative tests to ensure high quality. This is our promise for customers. As for service, we have built a one-stop service platform and provide customers with the whole process from pre-sales, in-sales to after-sales support. We insist on creating long-term and stable partnership with our customers, becoming a pioneer and leading to the future of communication industry.