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CFP2 200G DCO Transceiver 200G Coherent CFP2-DCO C-band Tunable

CFP2 200G DCO Transceiver 200G Coherent CFP2-DCO C-band Tunable

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1 Description

The CFP2 200G DCO Transceiver is a CFP2 MSA-compliant digital coherent optical module designed for line-side trunk DWDM data center interconnect (DCI), metro carrier, and regional/long-haul applications. The CFP2-DCO module uses a general-purpose C-band flexible grid laser source, providing transmitter and local oscillator signals, calibrated to provide 100 MHz frequency accuracy and ±6 GHz local off-grid tuning.

2 Product Features

  • Low latency HD-FEC/SD-FEC
  • Duplex LC receptacles
  • Full C-band 50GHz ITU-T transmitter
  • 3V power supply voltage
  • 104-pin CFP2 MSA-compliant connector
  • Compliant with CFP2 MSA
  • Used in metro carriers, access, and Cloud/DCI applications
  • Supports 100 Gbps DP-QPSK and 200 Gbps DP-8QAM/PCS-16QAM modulations

3 Application Scenario

  • Metro/regional ROADM networks
  • Data Center Interconnect 

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200G Coherent CFP2-DCO C-band Tunable


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