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OSFP 800G 2LR4 Transceiver OSFP 2x400G LR4 PAM4 CWDM4 Dual CS 10km SMF

OSFP 800G 2LR4 Transceiver OSFP 2x400G LR4 PAM4 CWDM4 Dual CS 10km SMF

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1 Description

OSFP 2x400G LR4 transceiver modules are designed for 800G Gigabit Ethernet links over 10km of single-mode fiber. The module has 8 independent channels of electrical input/output, each operating at up to 106.25Gbps. This transceiver consists of two transmitter/receiver units, with each operating on a set of 4 wavelengths on the ITU G.694.2 CWDM grid near 1300nm. The module's transmitter path contains a bidirectional PAM4 re-timer ASIC integrating an 8-channel modulator driver, 8 externally modulated lasers, and two optical multiplexers. On the receiver path, two optical demultiplexers are coupled to eight photodiodes and two 4-channel TIA arrays, as well as a PAM4 re-timer. The electrical interface of the module complies with the 800GAUI-8 interface defined by IEEE 802.3ck and complies with OSFP MSA.

2 Product Features

  • Supports 850Gbps
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply
  • Up to 10km over SMF with KP4 FEC supported at the Host side
  • Dual duplex CS connector
  • 25Gbps (PAM4) electrical interface
  • PIN and TIA array on the receiver side
  • Power dissipation < 16W
  • Safety Certification: TUV/UL/FDA*1
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Application for 1x800G Ethernet, 2x400G Ethernet, 2x200G Ethernet

3 Application Scenario

  • 800G Ethernet
  • Data Center Interconnect
  • Infiniband Interconnects 

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OSFP 800G 2LR4

OSFP 2x400G LR4 PAM4 CWDM4 Dual CS 10km SMF



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